Crop Scounting

We offer a comprehensive crop scouting program to our growers. Our scouts monitor weed pressure, insect pressure, and disease pressure in all major agronomic crops as well as vegetable and pasture crops. We work with our growers to monitor overall plant health throughout the growing season guaranteeing at least three trips to every field.

Our scouts are using cutting edge technology that has never been seen before. Currently we are developing our own scouting software that utilizes cellular and GPS technologies while running on iPads. The main goal of this software is to still allow for data collection and storage as well as give our growers peace of mind knowing that the scouts were actually in the field. This scouting software allows us to upload reports immediately from the field in "real time" directly to the internet for growers to view at their convience. For more information on our Scouting Program or our software please contact Meredith Powell.

It is important to constantly be aware of the overall health of your crops, and challenges arise every year that can catch growers off guard. Stop in and see what we can do for you! Or email us here at Clunette Elevator. 


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